The Sexual Assault Clinic is a Non-Profit Organisation. All services provided to child-victims and their parents are free of charge.

The Clinic relies on donations from Companies and Individuals to pay the day to day expenses for us to provide a service of excellence, compassion and care to all children who passes through the Clinic.

PBO Certificate

The Sexual Assault Clinic is a registered public benefit organisation approved by SARS for the purposes of section 18A(1)(a) of the Act. In terms of this section, the Clinic provides a PBO Certificate to companies, organisations or individuals donating to the Clinic, whereby the donor can  deduct such donation from tax and are exempt from Donation Tax.


Donating to our cause has never been easier. Simply download the SnapScan application on your phone, scan the QR code below with the SnapScan application and donate!

If you live outside of South Africa, use our easy link to PayPal for your donation.